3.0.8 - Aug 18, 2022

  • [cli] Cement CLI broken on Python 3.10
  • [cli] Generated script returns version of Cement
  • [cli] Generated script should allow dash/underscore
  • [] App.render() not suppressed in quiet mode
  • [] Console log not suppressed by output handler override (JSON/YAML)
  • [] Support suppress meta option on Prompt to suppress user input.
  • [ext] Use extras_require for optional extensions
  • [utils.misc] Use SHA256 instead of MD5 in rando() to support Redhap/FIPS compliance
  • [] Make quiet/debug options configurable
  • [dev] Cement CLI smoke tests
  • [dev] Add Python 3.10 to Travis CI tests
  • [core.deprecations] Implement Cement deprecation warnings
  • [] Deprecate CEMENT_FRAMEWORK_LOGGING in favor of CEMENT_LOG.

3.0.6 - Dec 18, 2021

  • [ext.argparse] Parser (self._parser) not accessible inside _pre_argument_parsing when stacked_type = 'embedded'
  • [ext.configparser] Overriding config options with environment variables doesn't work correctly with surrounding underscore characters
  • [utils.fs] Fix bug where trailing slash was not removed in fs.backup() of a directory.
  • [cement.cli] Generated README contains incorrect installation instructions.
  • None
  • [ext.colorlog] Support subclassing of ext_colorlog.
  • [dev] Update to Python 3.10 for default development / Docker version.
  • [dev] Remove Python 3.5/3.6 from Travis CI tests.

3.0.4 - May 17, 2019

  • [ext.yaml] YamlConfigHandler uses unsafe load method
  • [ext.configparser] Configparser 'getboolean' exception
  • [utils.misc] Support y as a truth boolean in utils.misc.is_true

3.0.2 - November 6, 2018

  • [cli] Generate Variable Mishap in Project Template
  • [ext.generator] Error class is malformed
  • [core.template] MemoryError during 'cement generate project'
  • [] Contents of plugin_dirs is printed to console
  • [ext.argparse] Command name override

3.0.0 - Aug 21, 2018

  • [ext.redis] Unable To Set Redis Host
  • [ext.argparse] Empty Sub-Commands List
  • [] Handler Override Options Do Not Honor Meta Defaults
  • [core] Add Docker / Docker Compose Support
  • [core] Add ability to override the output handler used when app.render() is called.
  • [ext.print] Add the Print Extension to be used as a drop in replacement for the standard print(), but allowing the developer to honor framework features like pre_render and post_render hooks.
  • [ext.scrub] Add Scrub Extension to easily obfuscate sensitive data from rendered output.
  • [core] Add ability to override config settings via environment variables.
  • [ext.argparse] Add ability to get list of exposed commands
  • [core] Add Template Interface
  • [ext.mustache] Add MustacheTemplateHandler
  • [ext.handlebars] Add HandlebarsTemplateHandler
  • [ext.jinja2] Add Jinja2TemplateHandler
  • [ext.generate] Add Generate Extension
  • [ext.logging] Add -l LEVEL command line option to override log level
  • [cli] Add Cement CLI (includes ability to generate apps, plugins,
    extensions, and scripts using the Generate Extension)
  • [core] Added clear separation between Interfaces and Handlers
  • [utils.fs] - Added several helpers include fs.Tmp for creation and cleanup of temporary directory and file.
  • Too many to reference
  • [core] Replace Interfaces with ABC Base Classes
  • [] Rename CementApp to App.
  • [] Drop deprecated App.Meta.override_arguments
  • [] Remove App.Meta.plugin_config_dir and App.Meta.plugin_config_dirs in favor of App.Meta.config_dirs
  • [core.founcation] Rename App.Meta.plugin_bootstrap as App.Meta.plugin_module
  • [core.handler] Rename CementBaseHandler to Handler
  • [core.handler] Drop deprecated backend globals
  • [core.hook] Drop deprecated backend globals
  • [core.controller] Drop CementBaseController
  • [ext.logging] Drop deprecated warn facility (use warning)
  • [ext.argcomplete] Drop ArgComplete Extension
  • [ext.reload_config] Drop Reload Config Extension
  • [ext.configobj] Drop ConfigObj Extension
  • [ext.json] Disable overridable option by default
  • [ext.yaml] Disable overridable option by default
  • [ext.json_configobj] Drop JSON ConfigObj Extension
  • [ext.yaml_configobj] Drop YAML ConfigObj Extension
  • [ext.handlebars] Drop Handlebars Extension
  • [ext.genshi] Drop Genshi Extension
  • [ext.argparse] ArgparseController.Meta.default_func is now _default, and will print help info and exit. Can now set this to None as well to pass/exit.
  • [ext.plugin] All plugin configuration sections must start with plugin..
    For example, [plugin.myplugin].
  • [] Renamed App.Meta.config_extension to App.Meta.config_file_suffix
  • [] Drop App.Meta.arguments_override_config
  • Everything with deprecation notices in Cement < 3