The Tabulate Extension includes the TabulateOutputHandler, and provides output handling based on the Tabulate library. Its format is familiar to users of MySQL, Postgres, etc.

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  • Tabulate

Cement 3.0.8+:

pip install cement[tabulate]

Applications using Cement <3.0.8 should continue to include tabulate in their dependencies.


This extension does not support any application level configuration settings or meta options.

from cement import App

class MyApp(App):
    class Meta:
        label = 'myapp'
        extensions = ['tabulate']
        output_handler = 'tabulate'

with MyApp() as app:

    # create a dataset
    headers = ['NAME', 'AGE', 'ADDRESS']
    data = [
        ["Krystin Bartoletti", 47, "PSC 7591, Box 425, APO AP 68379"],
        ["Cris Hegan", 54, "322 Reubin Islands, Leylabury, NC 34388"],
        ["George Champlin", 25, "Unit 6559, Box 124, DPO AA 25518"],

    app.render(data, headers=headers)

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